Public Education Foundation of Marion County supports new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students for bright and rewarding futures. We have learned that the best teaching methods come from our greatest assets – our educators.

Grants for Great Ideas   – 2021-22 application details available now online – grants for great ideas information

Since its beginning in 1987, the Public Education Foundation’s Grants for Great Ideas program has awarded more than 745 grants to teachers and principals in support of teaching innovation, impacting more than 100,000 students.

These grants serve not only as funds for school and classroom projects, but as incentives for educators to get further involved in writing grant proposals to other groups to strengthen public education in Florida.

The Grants for Great Ideas program has enabled us – teacher-by-teacher – to build a community of learners capable of making real improvements in classrooms and schools. In the last three years, $300,000 was awarded in teacher and principal grants.

Information sheets and application forms for educators and principals in Marion County Public Schools are available.

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