Coupons Campaign

2019 Coupons for Education Campaign

Coupons for Education Books can be purchased for $20 at all of our Marion County Public Schools starting August 12th! A list of schools is available to see which one is closest to you. 

Want to see the great savings in this year’s book?  Check out the book online and see samples of the amazing coupons! 

The Public Education Foundation’s Coupons for Education sale has raised over $1.1 million since the campaign began in 1993. This is a district-wide fundraiser that provides schools with an opportunity to sell coupon books filled with hundreds of dollars worth of discounts to local businesses. Marion County schools use the proceeds to buy classroom equipment and create special programs.

Payroll Deduction

Are you a Marion County Public Schools employee? Join Payroll Deduction today!  By donating just one dollar of your paycheck, you can support the programs of the Foundation.